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Gesso – Plaster

The virtue of HOPE is important to me. It’s like a little insistent light that gives me the power to resist and keep going on when, looking around me, I would like to surrender to sadness and discouragement. But it’s not the case to surrender! In 1994 I was animated by such feelings when I thought and then realized this sculpture, but I think that they are still there and inside me.The sculpture was presented at call for artists organized by the Nivola Museum. My great friend and mate at the Academy of Art Monica Lugas won that call with a wonderful sculpture called “Andalas – Pathways”. The wing that comes out from the oval figure, that represents life, is in fact “hope and novelty”.

L’ala che esce da questa forma ovale, che rappresenta la vita, è appunto “speranza e novità”.  Quando l’ho pensata e realizzata nel 1994, per un concorso indetto dal Museo Nivola di Orani, e che poi vinse la mia carissima amica e compagna di Accademia Monica Lugas, mi animavano questi pensieri e oggi è ancora così.


Quest’opera è un lavoro originale realizzato da Paola Falconi.
This artwork is an original piece made by Paola Falconi.