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This sculpture is made of Polystyrene and Fiberglass. It was selected for the Artrooms Fairs Rome 2018  and exhibited in the Park of The Church Palace Hotel, via Aurelia 481 ROMA.  And also exhibited in Porto Cervo Marina during summer 2018.

The wind Mistral is a son of a friendly nature, which comes to give relief to humans, to animals and to the soil in the torrid Sardinian summers; which purifies the air wiping out pollution; which in the past pushed the sails of navigators of the Mediterranean Sea towards our land allowing the Sardinian civilization to be born and evolve. The Mistral is also an inner wind that drives men to always go forward and never give up.
I’ve already done this sculpture in a small size (70cm x 50cm x 60cm). The base was in “terracotta” and the trees were made in varnished marine plywood.

I’ve chosen such materials because of the lightness and strength. In the meantime, it is the same material used to build the sailing boats pushed by the mistral wind. Boats that are part of the ordinary life of the people that live by the coast in Sardinia.