Spring is just around the corner

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Dear friends,

in these last weeks I’ve been very busy with my family matters but I kept on working with my art.

Here my latest painting. It’s inspired by the grace, the beauty and the mystery  that surrounds every woman.


Young woman, flowers and butterflies. Acrylic on canvas. 80 cm X 80 cm.

Today is a beautiful day, I’ve done a walk in the country around my house with my husband Mario, my little daughters and my dog Jack. I’ve taken some pics of the first flowers that are blooming as the spring arrives.

WP_20150308_017 WP_20150308_040 WP_20150308_018 WP_20150308_035

I love this moment of the year, It seems like I’m borning again together with the nature that surrounds me. This feeling charges me of joy and gives me the energy to live my life and work with enthusiasm.

I wish you a peaceful Sunday with the ones you love.

See you soon my friends,