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Hello friends,

after many festive days with family and friends, I decided to spend a few days in one of the places that I love most in the world: Villasimius. This is the magic place where I go when I need to rest and find myself.

When I was a child I used to come here with my family as a guest at my aunts’ place. The memories of such perfect moments, full of joy, amusement and serenity have always represented a perfect sense of peace and protection.

I know that I’m a bit reserved but in those days I walked by the sea with my dog, nobody was around me. The summer houses, that in the high season are full of people, were empty and silent, the beach was deserted, the sea was a little stormy and the sky, full of clouds with wonderful winter colors. Everything was in harmony and silent. I felt a surge of happiness: it was awesome!

Here some pictures I’ve taken of such wonderful moments, a treasure that I will keep for my art.





This is my westie: Jack.


Jack’s brother. By my daughter Carolina 🙂

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Wrecked granite sheperd house in Punta Molentis. My Ideal Sardinian barn 🙂


There is a need for a roof and a window here!


Perhaps there’s a need for a big cleaning and refurbishing 🙂



Not a bad view from my Sardinian burn!




Villasimius: Punta Molentis. Click the picture and go to google maps.