Past and present of my art are merging

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Dear friends,

this is my latest artwork. It grows out of my desire to represent the human figure – something I put aside in recent years.


Paola Falconi “Untitled”. 2015. Acrylic on Canvas 80 cm x 80 cm.

An example of my past explorations of figurative art is this sculpture, “Mother with Child”, which was shown in a collective exhibition in the “Cittadella dei Musei” in my home town Cagliari (Italy), in 1994.


Paola Falconi. “Madre con bambino”. 1994. Plaster sculpture. Life size.

Recently, I’ve been focused on the abstract and I now realize that my past and my present are coming together.

In my new painting, for example, the background recalls the blurry effect of my abstracts from a few years back….


Paola Falconi: “Sogno”. Year 2009. Acrylic on canvas cm 120 x cm 80

….. while the main subject of the painting is a young woman, echoing the sculpture I showed you.

The flowers come from my passion for nature and for the observation of simple lines of flowers and plants that have always attracted me.


Below you’ll find some of my past paintings and sculptures which recall elements of the work I’m doing at the moment. Past and present are merging.

WP_20150118_009 WP_20150118_031 WP_20150118_024

I’m happy that I’ve found this new path for my art which I’m exploring to the full. I hope that this work evokes in you the positive feelings that I felt while painting.


I wish you a great week, full of positivity and enthusiasm for life.

All the best,