I love black and white, but…….

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Working at night in my art studio is something I love so much. I can’t do it very often because at the end of the day I’m always very tired but, when I succeed in doing so, for me it’s like a big gift.
Few days ago it was full moon and working in my studio with the moonlight outside was something very special for me. The moon has always fascinated me since I was very little, in fact as a child I’ve done a lot of drawings with the moon in them, and now I keep on painting it very often in my panels.


I love black and white, I love drawing with pencils on paper to deeply study the subjects I choose for my paintings. I’ve always loved to draw the human figure and from time to time I do some sketches using my kids as models.


Black and white is also fantastic with stamps. This week I added two more hand carved stamps to my collection. I love the effect of white ink on black paper 🙂 I used Staedtler Master Carve rubber as medium and Speedball for carving.

Hand carved stamp. White ink on black paper.

Hand carved stamp. White ink on black paper.

Yes, black and white is great and fascinating but I live surrounded by the Mediterranean light and colors. Mediterranean colors are deeply linked to my existence, I belong to the Mediterranean lights, and I cannot finish this post without a photo of my Sardinian sea.
Enjoy life 🙂

Cala Sinzias – Castiadas – Sardinia