A midweek quiet morning

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Hello friends,
today, after having brought my daughters to school, I’ve gone to the grove close to my house with my dog Jack.
While walking I was thinking that fall is one of my preferred periods of the year.
The grove was quiet and silent and I was enchanted by the pines’ shadows reflected on the ground.


I like underwood and its shadows have always made me daydream, bringing me in a fantastic and undefined world.

These are some pics of the grove near my house.

WP_20141001_08_53_39_Pro WP_20141001_08_55_31_Pro

Here in Sardina in october starts to rain a bit, even if the temperature is still hot. The light is mild and marvelous, rarefied in the early morning.

This little friend came to my mind while thinking about these early october days. He is quiet and smiling on his branch of the tree while starts raining a bit and the world around is running fast without stopping 🙂

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Thank you for visiting my blog dear friends.