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I’ve always loved tales and story books.

When I was young the opportunities to see cartoons on telly were very rare. Only once a week, on sunday morning. And then I grew up spending my days reading and dreaming on my story books.
I still love them today and I collect them a lot as they are a wonderful source of inspiration.
This afternoon I was working in my studio and while I was totally immersed in my activities my daughter Carolina came to me very proud and happy to show me an house of gnomes that she created in the garden.
I suddenly had to take a picture 🙂


House of Gnomes by Carolina
I like to think that my passion for tales and story books are now also part of my daughters’s passions.
View of my studio and my table.
I’ve spent a wonderful morning in my beloved Studio with a lot of ideas floating in my mind. I’ve completed my last watercolor “Freedom” and I’ve sketched other ideas that I hope will come to life over the next days……….. Good night my friends and have a great day tomorrow 🙂
Freedom. Watercolor and collage on paper.